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How to Upgrade to Android OS version Newer:

How to Upgrade to Android OS version Newer - Preparing to upgrade Android OS:

1. Chas baterry phone / tablet you up to full, To ensure everything is running smoothly, the upgrade process is usually enough to drain your smartphone battery.

2. Backup the data in the data that are considered important in mobile phones, including phone records (list of calls / call) and sms to computer / PC before running the upgrade process of your android phone. during the process of upgrading to the latest version of the android system, all the old files will be deleted automatically.

3. Empty first external memory / your internal software to provide a place for your android. latest android version will take lumayanbanyak spacee your memory. so make sure your phone memory is empty and available around 200 mb before running android os upgrade process.

How to Upgrade Android OS:

1. Smartphone When you live, go into the menu settings - about phone - system updates. after the device / device you will find the availability Cara Upgrade OS Android of the latest android os for your phone. if it is available it will display a notification and file ready to be downloaded and installed.

2. Choose install / download. wait until the download process is complete, be sure to use the current internet connection / full speed, to keep the download process went smoothly without a hitch. wait for all processes to complete the download and install 100%.

3. After all process is complete, your android phone will automatically undergo a restart. it signifies all the android os upgrade to a newer version has been successful, and when your phone restarts, you will see the android operating system which is the latest version. easy is not it?

Well, that was a glimpse of information tips and tricks on how to upgrade android OS to a newer version easily and quickly without any software or application. with the upgrade process, you can be sure a good gadget tablet pc, hp and other smartphones will grow both in terms of features and specifications. so you can download a lot of applications in the store without fear google play with each recruitment system each application. may be useful, good luck.

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